What is GMAT test

The GMAT test (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a computerized adaptive test used as a central tool for screening candidates for a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) in universities around the world. The test evaluates analytical abilities, quantitative thinking, data sorting, information integration, and command of English, writing, logic and critical thinking.
The exam is 3.5 hours long and consists of four parts: writing assignment, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, Integrated Reasoning.

Analytical writing (AWA) – rated on a scale ranging from 0-6. This part includes a 30-minute essay assignment on “Evaluating the Argument”.

Verbal reasoning – rated on a scale ranging from 0-48. Multiple choice questions on grammar, reading comprehension and logic questions.

Quantitative reasoning – rated on a scale ranging from 0-52. Multiple choice questions follow in two formats (problem solving and data interpretation) on various math topics, such as statistics, geometry, algebra, and word problems.

Integrated Reasoning (IR) – rated on a scale ranging from 0-8. Multiple choice questions that combine verbal and quantitative information, such as graphs and charts.

About GMAT Score

Immediately at the end of the test, the examinee receives a score for the quantitative part separately, a score for the verbal part separately, and a combined score for both, which is the overall score of the GMAT (200-800). The scores for the writing assignment and the integrated reasoning are sent by email two to three weeks after the test, and they are not part of the overall grade of the GMAT test.
The tests are offered twice a week in Israel and cost $250. Candidates must wait 16 days between each exam.

Although the GMAT tests specific subjects, such as mathematics, logic, grammar and reasoning – its ultimate purpose is to test certain abilities required of a person in a managerial position. Through the test, candidate’s ability to make a managerial decision – to judge which information is relevant for making a decision, draw conclusions and express himself/herself in a concise and matter-of-fact manner is tested.
From our experience, even the most talented students need professional guidance on the GMAT. The student must acquire background and familiarity with the GMAT test and practice extensively based on the principles on which the test is based.

GMAT course at Yeda Plus College

Our proven teaching method at Yeda Plus includes2 months of  lessons taught in small classes – up to 12 students – giving personal attention to each student, a 3-hour math preparatory course, two hours of private lessons, and extensive study materials: three books, access to an electronic question database with over 1000 quantitative questions, computer simulations and access to a database of math videos on all topics. At the end of each class, homework is given that ensures organized learning and practice that is designed to improve the student’s abilities.

Our teachers are the most experienced and best teachers in Israel – they studied in the USA or Canada, received extensive training in teaching the GMAT, and received over 95% on the exam.
We are committed to the success of our students and therefore, all students are allowed to repeat the GMAT course for an entire year at no additional charge.