Who is the TOEFL test preparation course for?

The TOEFL Test or TOEFL Exam preparation course is designed for a wide population of students, some who take the TOEFL test preparation course have interest in passing the test with a high grade in order to be admitted to selected universities abroad that require the TOEFL test score as one of the admission requirements. Others take the TOEFL test in order to find work abroad, this is because many workplaces abroad require candidates to pass the TOEFL test.
It is important to know that Australia also requires passing the TOEFL Test or TOEFL Exam as one of the conditions for those wishing to immigrate to the country, that is because the TOEFL test well reflects the level of English proficiency of the examinee.

Components of the TOEFL test preparation course

The TOEFL Exam preparation includes a reference to all the components of the TOEFL test itself and gives the student in the course a unique set of tools that allows him to pass the TOEFL test with great success.
The TOEFL Test preparation course provides the student with a wide range of skills: English expression skills, vocabulary expansion, essay writing practice, improving fluent English speaking, improving expression and writing skills, important highlights grammar and formulation, and more.
In addition to the technical material, the course also imparts other strategies that will allow the student to pass the test successfully: the ability to complete tasks successfully in a limited time, the ability to withstand stress, the ability to distinguish between main and treat and many other skills that will help the student pass the TOEFL test successfully.

The structure of the preparation course for the TOEFL test

Learning in the TOEFL Exam preparation course takes place in small and intimate groups that allow each student to express and receive personal and long-term guidance in accordance with the student’s learning pace and individual abilities.
Group learning was chosen precisely because of the great benefit inherent in this type of learning, which enables the creation of a culture of dialogue and sharing between group members and teachers, as well as providing joint feedback. The close control on the part of the teachers, combined with the incessant discourse within the group, allows for intensive training and continuous improvement in the English level of the course participants.

Imparting skills in the TOEFL Exam preparation course

The main engine of English language proficiency stems mainly from practice. For this reason, the TOEFL Exam preparation course allows for uninterrupted customized practice and training for each student.
The practice is done in a variety of ways, in order to allow an extensive coverage of all test components: from typing and writing words correctly, to the abilities of verbal expression and understanding of what is read and heard.
In order to avoid a situation of time pressure and allow each student to progress at his or her own pace, the practice materials of the toefl exam course will be open to all students indefinitely for one year. Thus, each student will be able to continue to practice and practice at any time according to his personal needs.

Personal guidance in addition to the preparation course for the TOEFL test

The TOEFL Exam preparation course is the first stage that the student goes through when he applies for admission to a selected university abroad.
In order to succeed in the journey that culminates in obtaining a degree, Yeda Plus provides a personal service – APPLICATION.
The personal service is the result of the vast experience gained by Yeda Plus and its close acquaintance with the admission requirements of various universities around the world. As part of the personal mentoring program, an expert counselor appropriate to the student’s personal level will be assigned to the student, and he will pave for him the clear path that the student must take up to the desired degree. The personal mentor will help make the array of bureaucratic components practical and applicable.

TOEFL test – English test as a foreign language | Preparation course for TOEFL exam

Administered by ETS, the TOEFL exam is used by English-speaking programs to assess English proficiency (examinee’s ability to communicate and comprehend English in written and spoken form). Oftentimes, the exam is required along with other standardized tests, such as the SAT, GRE, and GMAT. The test is offered in Israel every ten days; Yeda Plus centers in Ramat Gan and Haifa also administer the exam on Saturdays.

Toefl Exam Structure

The four-hour-long Toefl exam is comprised of four sections, with a maximum score of 120. The test is computerized.
Reading (30 points) –reading academic passages in English and answering multiple-choice questions of varying difficulty based on information provided in the passage
Listening (30 points) –listening to a short semi-academic conversation/lecture and answering multiple-choice questions; headphones are provided.
Speaking (30 points) – speaking about a familiar topic (independent) and about a topic covered in a passage and listening assignment (integrated); a microphone is provided.
Writing (30 points) – writing a short essay about a familiar topic (Independent) and about a topic covered in a short passage (Integrated).

TOEFL Exam preparation course at Yeda Plus

Yeda Plus has been teaching for the TOEFL exam since its founding in 2002. Our TOEFL Exam preparation course instructor is a New Yorker with over 20 years of experience teaching English generally and for the toefl exam specifically. Whether you need to improve your grammar, vocabulary, or your confidence in speech/writing – our TOEFL Test preparation course is the place for you. With small class sizes (around 15 students per class) we guarantee a personalized learning experience, individual attention, and gradual, organic improvement of your English proficiency. Although we teach for the test – putting special emphasis on strategies, practice, and time management – our course has been known to improve students’ general English skills.

In Yeda Plus we accept the military Pikadon as payment for the TOEFL Test preparation course!