SAT courses Structure

The revised exam (as of May 2016) is comprised of three parts: a Reading Test; Language Arts and Writing; and Math. Each part is scored on a scale of 200-800 points, where the maximum score is 2400 and the maximum score for the essay is 12 points. In the test there are ten chapters divided almost equally among the subjects. The test is held six times a year, and the tests in Israel are conducted in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.

SAT course in Yeda Plus – with the approval of the Ministry of Education, we accept the military Pikadon to pay for the course!

SAT course @ Yeda Plus

Join over 300 satisfied students every year who took the SAT courses at Yeda Plus. Our courses run twice a week (evenings) and Friday mornings. Courses open every month in Ramat-Gan (Bursa) and Haifa. The 100+ hour course provides students with in-depth preparation: 80 hours of frontal lessons and 20 hours of simulations at the end of the course and just before the test. With over 12 years of experience teaching for the SAT israel, Yeda Plus specializes in teaching both Israeli and international applicants for the test. Each student receives three books – close to a total of 1,500 pages of practice material at all levels – as well as over 35 complete SAT courses available to you at any one time.

Undergraduate Admissions 101

The SAT courses is a very important factor in your admission to US schools; nonetheless, it is not the only consideration. Your personal background, including experience, leadership, community involvement and high-school grades, are all key in determining whether you’re in or out. The admission committee evaluates your application holistically (application essays, SAT scores, interview, high-school grades and recommendations) to determine whether you would suit the school’s mission and student body. Schools prefer applicants possessing a track-record that demonstrates commitment to learning and betterment of society. Yeda Plus offers all its student free-of-charge Application Skills workshops on a monthly basis.

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