GMAT course – Your First Step to a Master’s and a Doctorate in the USA:

Used for MBA admissions, the GMAT exam is an adaptive test taken electronically in a certified GMAC center. Test-takers begin the exam with questions of varying difficulty, and the level of each question is determined by the examinee’s performance in the previous one. The exam algorithm will raise the level of difficulty for good performance, and lower the level for poor performance.  These variations in difficulty are reflected in the final score.

GMAT prep test structure

The 3.5-hour exam is comprised of four sections. The Verbal and Quantitative sections are the most important, and are combined to calculate a final grade in the range of 200-800. Exams are offered twice a week in Israel, and cost $250. Applicants must wait 16 days between consecutive exams. Scores appear immediately at the end of the exam for the Verbal and Quantitative sections.

Analytical Writing (AWA) – graded on a 0-6 scale. Includes a 30-minute “evaluate the argument” essay assignment.

Verbal Reasoning – graded on a 0-48 scale. Multiple-choice questions on grammar, reading comprehension and logic questions.

Quantitative Reasoning – graded on 0-52 scale. Multiple-choice questions in two formats (problem-solving and data sufficiency) on various math topics, such as statistics, geometry, algebra and word problems.

Integrated Reasoning (IR) –graded on 0-8 scale. Multiple-choice questions integrating verbal and quantitative information like graphs and charts.

What does the gmat course really test?

Although the GMAT prep test tests knowledge of specific topics, such as math, logic, grammar, and argument, its ultimate goal is to test certain abilities required of a person in a managerial position. The test examines the candidate’s ability to make a managerial decision, judge what information is relevant to a decision, and express himself concisely.

GMAT course @ Yeda Plus

If you are interested in taking a GMAT course, you have come to the right place. At Yeda Plus College, the most experienced and good teachers in the country teach. We teach all of our courses in English: Studies have found a direct connection between shortening response time to English (of subjects being tested in English when it is not their native language) and a high test score. Our teachers studied in the US or Canada and were trained there to teach the GMAT course, and received over 95% on the exam in the relevant part. The GMAT course takes place on weekends (Friday mornings). The courses are identical in terms of lesson plans. All GMAT course students are allowed to repeat the GMAT course for an entire year free of charge and are welcome to come to the courses in the middle of the week and Fridays.

Approved by the Ministry of Education – Yeda Plus College accepts the military Pikadon to pay for the GMAT course ! We invite you to a counseling meeting and a free trial lesson.
Call: 077-8038533

How does the GMAT course in Yeda Plus work?

The comprehensive core GMAT course of the GMAT prep test is taught in small classes (up to about 15 students). In addition, you will receive a 3-hour preparatory course in mathematics, two hours of private lessons in the quantitative part at our expense. Each student receives a variety of study materials: three books, access to an electronic questionnaire with over 1000 quantitative questions, computer simulations and access to a mathematics video database. Weekly homework ensures organized learning.