TOEFL Israel Exam Structure

The four-hour-long TOEFL Israel exam is comprised of four sections, with a maximum score of 120. The test is computerized.

Reading (30 points) –reading academic passages in English and answering multiple-choice questions of varying difficulty based on information provided in the passage

Listening (30 points) –listening to a short semi-academic conversation/lecture and answering multiple-choice questions; headphones are provided

Speaking (30 points) – speaking about a familiar topic (independent) and about a topic covered in a passage and listening assignment (integrated); microphone is provided

Writing (30 points) – writing a short essay about a familiar topic (independent) and about a topic covered in a short passage (integrated).

TOEFL Courses @ Yeda Plus

Yeda Plus has been teaching for the TOEFL Israel exam since its founding in 2002. Our TOEFL course instructor is a New Yorker with over 20 years’ experience teaching English generally and for the TOEFL courses specifically. Whether you need to improve your grammar, vocabulary, or your confidence in speech/writing – our TOEFL course is the place for you. With small class sizes (around 15 students per class) we guarantee a personalized learning experience, individual attention and gradual, organic improvement of your English proficiency. Although we teach for the test – putting special emphasis on strategies, practice and time-management – our course has been known to improve students’ general English skills.

Yeda Plus – accepts Pikadon as payment for the TOEFL courses!