The components of the SAT test course

The study topics in preparation for the SAT test are varied and relate to the many components of the SAT test itself.
The SAT test preparation course includes preparation for the following topics:

Verbal section – reading comprehension, deciphering texts in English, sentence completion, syntax, standard grammar, and answering questions about complex texts.

The quantitative section – refining your analytical abilities, questions from the world of algebra and geometry, solving verbal problems and exercises, graph analysis, segmentation of exponents, logic practice, statistics, probability, and more.

Scope of SAT test preparation course

The SAT test preparation course allows you to focus on the mathematical and verbal topics relevant to the exam.
The course is one hundred hours long. 80 hours are devoted to frontal learning delivered by experienced teachers who guide students toward the SAT exam. The remaining 20 hours are devoted to extensive practice through simulations while receiving direct feedback and practical guidance from the teachers. The combination of frontal learning and relevant practice allows for monitoring and targeted improvement of each student’s abilities.
In order for every student to receive individualized instruction according to their personal ability, courses are limited to a small number of participants. This way, lessons flow smoothly and prevent the loss of attention and focus that can happen in larger classes.
In order to enable each student to learn at his or her own pace, students receive unlimited access to the study material of the SAT test preparation course for an entire year. Thus, the student can repeat the course and continue to use the materials to improve their skills. The materials include a wide range of SAT tests and materials that are specifically designed for SAT test preparation.

The professional teachers of the SAT course

In order to maintain a leading level of professionalism, the teachers who teach the SAT course at Yeda Plus are those who have successfully passed the SAT test themselves with a score of over 95%.
Our professional instructors have rich experience in mentoring students, equipping them with the tools to succeed, and preparing them to achieve outstanding grades on the SAT tests.

High level SAT test preparation course

In order to be sure that you are investing your time in the right place, it is advisable to do the SAT exam preparation course in an official college which is equivalent to the leading preparatory colleges across Europe.
Yeda Plus College works in collaboration with the MBA Center, which is the best test preparation center in Europe! The MBA center in Tel Aviv is parallel to the MBA centers in Berlin, Paris, Zurich, London, Madrid, and more.
In addition to partnering with the MBA Center, the SAT exam preparation course at Yeda Plus College meets the high professional standard of accepted universities around the world, such as Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, and more, with hundreds of students taking the SAT exam preparation course at Yeda Plus College already accepted to these popular universities.