The psychometric test in Israel is comprised of a writing task and eight 20-minute long sections, 20-22 multiple choice questions each. Total exam time: 3 hours 15 minutes. Only the writing task and six of the sections are graded. The seven sections that make up your score are:

  • Writing task
  • Two quantitative reasoning sections;
  • Two verbal reasoning sections;
  • Two English sections.

However, the quantitative and verbal reasoning sections determine 40% of the final score each (80% total), while the English sections only determine 20% of the score. The final score is on a 200-800 scale.

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English Psychometric course @ Yeda Plus

Join over 300 satisfied students every year who take the English psychometric course at Yeda Plus. Our courses run twice a week (evenings) and Friday mornings. Courses are held in accordance with the test dates in Ramat Gan (Bursa) and on Zoom. The 100+ hour course provides students with in-depth preparation: vocabulary and grammar boosting; development of sound analytical skills; improvement of reading and writing abilities; and development of math skills and knowledge. During the course students improve their test-taking skills, such as time management, guessing and skimming. We teach the entire course in English and all our staff are native English and Hebrew speakers.

With over 12 years’ experience teaching for standardized tests, Yeda Plus specializes in teaching both Israeli and international applicants for the test. Every student receives books and ample practice material.

At Yeda Plus, you can use your Pikadon funds to pay for the English Psychometric course!

Who is the integrated psychometric course or the English psychometric course for?

An integrated psychometric course in English makes it easier for examinees for whom Hebrew is not their mother tongue, or for those whose level of English is higher than the level of the Hebrew language. The test is written in both languages, with each pair of pages containing a Hebrew version and an English version (in an accurate translation), so that the examinee can choose which language to read and solve the test.

The combined version of the English / Hebrew psychometric test is offered twice a year: February and July. A combined psychometric test in English is valid for seven years, and is optimal for foreign candidates whose Hebrew is weak, or for native English speakers who live in Israel and prefer to take the test in English instead of Hebrew.

In a nutshell, admission to Israeli universities:

A psychometric course in English is an invaluable investment, as the psychometric test is the main requirement for applying to higher education institutions in Israel. Admissions committees use the psychometric score as the central criterion, which is examined along with the high school grades, to evaluate each candidate’s academic promise.

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