How To Register For The GMAT Exam

This is a guide for registering to the GMAT exam a few simple steps every test taker needs to take.
The registration is through the official GMAT website. In the registration process you’ll be able to see the list of test centers, and optional dates for the test.
Before you begin you need to decide whether you prefer to take the exam at a test center or online from home.
The GMAT test is identical in both places but there are a few points you should take into account
Here are some initial pros and cons:


Registration Process 

After deciding if you want to take the exam from your home or from a testing center it’s time to choose the date and time.
Go into the official GMAT website ( and click “Register for the GMAT.

Taking The Test at A Test Center vs At HomeSimilarities:

  • Booking the test is available six months in advance. 
  • The tests are identical in both places and consists of 3 sections- Quantitative Reasoning, Data Insights, Verbal Reasoning. 
  • Viewing the unofficial test score is available immediately. 
  • The cost of the test is the same whichever way you take it.  The only factor to affect the cost is country and currency. 
  • The scores are valid for the same duration of five years. 
  • Breaks will be conducted in both places.

GMAT Exam Policies and Procedures

The test takers responsibilities and test policies are available to view in the official GMAT website:

  • The test taker should arrive to the test with the right documents and identification
  • The minimum age to take the test without guardian consent is thirteen. From eighteen you can register for the test on your own.
  • If you are not happy with the score and want to retake the test, it will only be possible after sixteen days.
  •  The Identification should exactly match the name, birth date, and country of citizenship you used when you scheduled your exam
  • You are allowed to reschedule or cancel the exam. Notice that a fee might be charged
  • Personal items will not be allowed in the test room (Watch, phone, headphones etc‘).
  • If you’re taking the test at home, nobody will be allowed in the exam space for its whole duration.
    And allow live stream and recording through the web cam. The camera must be on also during the breaks.

Extra Reminders

  • Don’t register for the exam if you are not ready. You are only allowed to register to the exam five times a year, and eight times total for life.
  • Get familiar with the test center requirements (dress code, time of arrival, documents to bring etc‘).
  • Get familiar with the space requirements if you’re taking the test at home.

In Conclusion

  • The GMAT registration process is fairly easy and straightforward.
  • Based on the information given above you will need to make a decision about where to take the exam.
  • It is highly recommended to read the terms of the test and test center so you can avoid having your test disqualified/ rescheduled for making a small mistake!
  • Don’t let the process daunt you, have your goal in mind: Getting into your desired program.

Good Luck!