The IELTS test is the international test for the English language test, which has been recognized as the global test for language test for over 20 years and is administered by the British Consulate and IDP Australia. You can take the exam in any of the 160 exam centers in 109 countries around the world. The purpose of the IELTS test is to assess the candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the English language in four main subjects of the language – listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing, and speaking. The score on the exam is graded on a scale of 1-9 grades, with a score of 1 representing a complete lack of knowledge of the language, and a score of 9 representing knowledge of English at the level of a mother tongue. The requirement to take the IELTS test can be obtained from one of two channels: one is the academic channel, which is used for the purpose of accepting candidates for studies at universities and vocational institutions, and the other is a generic channel, which is used for immigration purposes.
The differences between the two versions are only in the reading and writing parts. The general version checks if the examinee will be able to be working a English-speaking environment workplace. Therefore, the nature of the questions and the texts in the reading and writing chapters are characterized in relation to the field of employment. The academic version of the IELTS test checks whether the examinee can integrate into an English-speaking academic environment. The reading and writing chapters in this version are characterized by connection to the academic field.


The different sections of the IELTS exam

1. The first part of the test is the listening part. This section includes four listening passages with questions about them. Each hearing segment lasts between 3 and 5 minutes. There are 10 questions in each listening section, in total there are 40 questions in this part of the test. The total time for this part is 30 minutes.
2. The second part of the test is the reading part. In the academic test, this part includes three reading sections, each of 700-1000 words. 13-14 questions for each reading section. In the general test, there are usually five sections, four shorter and one long (as in the academic test). In total, the reading part of the test includes 40 questions.
The total time for this part is 60 minutes.
3. The third part of the test is the writing part. The writing part of the IELTS test includes two writing tasks. In the academic test, the first task will be a written analysis of some process or information presented in the form of a graph or table. In the general test, the first task is to write a short letter according to the instructions (complaint letter, thank you letter, letter to a friend living abroad, and so on).
In both formats, the second writing task will be writing an opinion essay. The total time for each writing part is sixty minutes.
4. Another part of the IELTS test is the speaking part. This part is conducted in the form of an interview with an examiner. The conversation is between 10 to 15 minutes only.


IELTS Exam Course in Yeda Plus:

Our courses take place in the middle of the week (once a week in the evening). Classes are held in Ramat Gan, and new courses open every two months. Our course includes 24 hours of in-depth preparation and consists of 6 lessons, with each lesson lasting about 4 hours.
Our course includes an in-depth preparation for the exam and is based on strategy and technique lessons to help our students maximize their abilities in the exam.

Yeda plus IELTS – approved by the Ministry of Education. You can use the military Pikadon to make payment for the course, call for more details 077-8038533

Beyond the course, the IELTS exam is also conducted at Yeda Plus College. To register and set a date:


Accompanying the IELTS test from A to Z

To be sure of all the concepts related to the IELTS test, it is important to know that in addition to the IELTS course, Yeda Plus College also offers personal guidance to the student, from the study stage to admission to institutions abroad.
The IELTS test phase is only the beginning of a journey that the student must go through until he is admitted to the chosen faculty. The registration process to universities abroad is quite complex and confusing, and if there is someone who has already done this way successfully for countless students, he will also be able to save you the long and bureaucratic way to the coveted degree. Will direct him directly to admission to the coveted university. Each student can receive in addition to the course he is studying also a personal APPLICATION accompaniment which will direct him to admission to the coveted university.

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To help you fulfill your dream, Yeda Plus College offers a number of courses that prepare future students for the exams they must pass in order to be accepted for academic studies abroad. One of these courses is the IELTS course. Want to know what the course has and what you study in it? All the answers are on this page!