Study format in the IELTS courses 

An IELTS test preparation course places consistent emphasis on the acquisition of academic English skills. Therefore, the IELTS courses configuration is done in small groups that allow collaboration between students and mutual attention between teachers and students.
In order to hone the language skills, the IELTS course is first intentionally conducted in a group, where the mutual fertilization between the group members encourages the use of the English language and constitutes a snapshot of the level of command of the language – in real-timeץ

The main components of an IELTS test preparation course

In order to acquire the skills required to pass the IELTS israel test, the curriculum of the IELTS courses must be comprehensive and enable the acquisition of the components of the English language: writing, listening, speaking, and comprehension.
The course format is based on the incessant practice of the materials that make up the IELTS test, while in practice the teacher sharpens the principles that need improvement, and provides varied techniques for meeting the test assignments.
The IELTS courses includes reading tests, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing, with the student constantly receiving feedback from the teachers on his practice, so that he can improve his language and sharpen the points where he has difficulty.
In addition to the lessons themselves, the student receives a personal and individual response from the teachers, so that his level of command of English over its components is constantly on the rise.


What will you receive from the IELTS israel test preparation courses?

The IELTS course imparts abilities to master the English language while addressing a wide range of its factors.
The course syllabus includes a reference to all the components of the language, and therefore, each part will receive a unique and empowering set of tools.

In the IELTS course, the student will receive: in-depth knowledge of standard grammar and wording skills, broadening relevant vocabulary, learning in-depth learning strategies, aids in diluting material, and tools for improving verbal ability.
In order to pass the IELTS test successfully, the IELTS course also addresses the time constraints that appear on the test and imparts personal skills for dealing with challenging questions within a limited time frame.



Our IELTS courses usually take place on weeknight evenings. Classes are held in Ramat Gan and new courses open approximately every two months. The course includes 24 hours of top-notch preparation, spread over 8 three-hour lessons and the practice you do in between sessions. The preparation for the exam is based on tested strategies and techniques lessons proven to enable students to maximize their scores.
Because each student’s progress is different, the study materials of the IELTS courses remain open to the student for an entire year, all in order to ensure compliance with the pace and reduction in stress due to lack of time. This way the student can be calm and confident that he will be able to rehearse the materials and improve his performance without a disturbing time limit.

Beyond the course, the IELTS courses and IELTS Israel test is also conducted at Yeda Plus College.
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