GRE course at YedaPlus

What is the structure of the GRE Courses?

The GRE Courses examines advanced academic skills. In the verbal part of the exam, the examinee is required to deal with academic texts and answer questions that test their ability to analyze the texts and locate their hypotheses and arguments. Also, the verbal part requires mastering advanced vocabulary (about 3500 words) which the examinee is required to place in sentences with missing words (sentence completion & equivalence). The quantitative part of the exam evaluates the examinee’s knowledge of various mathematical topics, such as algebra, geometry, statistics and probability. The quantitative questions are known for the many “tricks” they pose which require the examinee to master each subject. During the exam, you can use a calculator located on the computer monitor. The third part, which tests writing skills, includes two essays – an essay on a particular topic (issue essay) and an essay that responds to a reading passage and requires the examinee to analyze the argument of the passage and respond using a written essay (argument essay).

 GRE Courses at Yeda Plus:

At Yeda Plus we have the most experienced teachers in the country. We teach all of our courses in English: Studies have found a direct link between shortening response time to English (of subjects being tested in English when English is not their native language) and a high test score. Our teachers studied in the US or Canada and were trained there to teach for the GRE Courses, and also received over 95% in the exam in the relevant part. Our courses are held mid-week (twice a week in the evening) or once a week (Friday mornings). Yeda Plus is committed to student success and therefore all students are allowed to repeat the GRE course for an entire year at no extra charge, and are welcome to come to the courses in the middle of the week and on Friday.

Yeda Plus – with the approval of the Ministry of Education receives the military Pikadon to pay for the course! We invite you to a counseling session and a trial lesson for free. Call: 077-8038533

How do Yeda Plus GRE Courses work?

The comprehensive core course of the GRE Courses includes frontal lessons in small classes. In addition, you will receive a 3-hour preparatory course in mathematics and free access to the open practice classes in mathematics, which take place every week. Separately, there is also a possibility of scheduling private lessons for you to practice your skills individually with the instructor. Each student in the course receives a variety of study materials: two books, a verbal class booklet, access to an electronic questionnaire with over 1000 quantitative questions, computer simulations and access to a mathematics video database.