How is a GRE test course delivered?

In order to assimilate in the student the tools for which he is required in the GRE test, the form of learning in the Yeda Plus College is systemic and comprehensive, and relates to the GRE test in a variety of aspects.
In the GRE Test preparation course, all the components of the GRE test will be studied in a systematic and in-depth manner, while becoming familiar with the elements that make up the test and with the level of thinking required to answer the various questions.
In order to develop the appropriate skills, the student must answer a wide range of questions that are equivalent to different GRE test or taken from them. The answers to the questions will help the student to examine his level of proficiency and his weaknesses, and thereby outline a plan that will allow him to train his mental muscles.
In addition to the material learned in the lesson itself and the practice questions in class, the student will also be given homework and assignments. Thus, he will be able to independently examine the level of his abilities and get a status of his mastery of the material and logic that composes the exam.

Professionals teachers teach the course for the GRE test

In order to ensure that the material delivered to the students is high standard on the one hand and applicable on the other hand, the GRE test preparation course is delivered by professional teachers who have passed the GRE test in its top percentage, with a score of at least 95%.
In addition to the self-experience gained by the teachers, they have been trained to teach GRE test preparation course in a dedicated faculty in Canada or the United States so that they have acquired the most trendy and accepted tools, and all this at the international standard.

GRE course language

The GRE test is conducted in English. Therefore, the GRE test preparation course was first conducted intentionally in the English language, in order to sharpen the use of the English language through a helpful group background, which also helps those who have some difficulty with the English language.
Learning in the English language allows uninterrupted experience in the use of the language, at a professional level supervised by professionals. This is the best life test that will help the student pass the GRE test successfully.

Attention to the student in the GRE Test preparation course

In order to make sure that each student gets the best out of the course, combined with the ongoing learning there is an emphasis on creating small and intimate groups that allow attention to each student and create a mental balance between the students.
Learning in small groups in the GRE Exam preparation course also allows for the refinement of topics according to the needs that arise from the students, as well as attention to the development and improvement of the students’ abilities down to the smallest details.
In addition to the unique nature of the lessons, each student receives three private lessons with the instructors, so that he can get an accurate status on his skills and abilities as well as a direct answer to questions and personal barriers.

Yeda Plus – the official college for the GRE Test preparation course

Investing in a GRE Exam preparation course requires practice and acquisition of knowledge and skills. In order to be sure that the energy channels are invested in the right places, it is recommended to study the course of the GRE test in an official college, with a professional level equivalent to international study centers.
The Yeda Plus Center works in a collaboration with the MAB Center, which is the most popular preparation center throughout Europe. This is why the standard of study at Yeda Plus College is high and professional, and college students are more likely to pass the GRE test successfully.

GRE test

Used for general graduate admissions, the GRE exam is an adaptive test taken electronically at a certified ETS center. The exam is adaptive, and test-takers performance in one chapter determines the level of the second chapter in the respective section. The GRE assesses applicants’ academic ability, such as argumentation, vocabulary, logic and analytical quantitative skills in order to provide graduate programs with a standardized evaluation of applicants’ academic promise.

GRE test Structure

The 3.5-hour exam is comprised of three sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. Exams are offered every two weeks in Israel, taking place in Ramat Gan College; the exam costs $195. The exam also includes a “pilot” section (ungraded) which can be either verbal or quantitative.
Analytical Writing (AWA) – graded on a 0-6 scale. Includes a 30-minute “evaluate the argument” essay assignment and a 30-minute “evaluate a topic” essay assignment.
Verbal Reasoning – graded on a 130-170 scale. Multiple-choice questions focusing on academic vocabulary (Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence), logic and reading comprehension.
Quantitative Reasoning – graded on 130-170 scale. Multiple-choice questions in two formats (problem-solving and & quantity comparison) on various math topics, such as statistics, geometry, algebra and word problems.

GRE prep course @ YedaPlus

Founded in 2002, YedaPlus offers the most in-depth courses in Israel, taught by Israel’s finest GRE instructors (>95% in the relevant sections), all of whom are native speakers. Our courses are taught in English, and run on Friday mornings (8-week course) and midweek evenings (6-week course). Our small, intimate class sizes allow for maximum attention to students.
These are the reasons our students’ average combined score is 318.
Not happy with your score? YedaPlus is committed to its students: all students can repeat the course for an entire year free of charge.

What Makes Us Different

What differentiates us from other GRE schools?
Our educational approach significantly benefits our students:
We allow students to repeat the course free of charge for a full year from the date of registration.
We include 3 hours of private tutoring as part of the course structure – for no additional charge (FREE!)
The level of teaching and the personal attention we give to each student.
Our teachers and staff are all native speakers.
The YedaPlus GRE test preparation course is the most popular choice among non-Hebrew speakers and Israelis alike.

Specially designed materials

We emphasize building students’ ability to answer all questions – from the early stages through the most challenging questions.

Small class size

15 students or less per class allows for an extremely effective, enjoyable learning experience.
GRE Exam preparation course Structure and Materials the Yeda Plus GRE exam course includes:

• A math preparatory workshop and
• 2-3 hours of private tutoring free of charge.
• Ample prep materials: three books (including GRE Official Guide); Question Bank with >1000 questions, including challenge questions; computerized simulations; and original math videos of all math concepts. Weekly homework assignments ensure an organized, well-balanced study plan.
• Free-of-charge TOEFL Advanced Skills workshop
• Free-of-charge workshops, such as the application process and grammar