yeda plus

The process of applying to colleges and universities in the US, Canada, and Europe is long and complicated, whether it’s for a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD.

How can it help me get accepted to my dream university?

You need to write essays, get letters of recommendation, prepare your resume, and navigate all of the steps in the application process. All of this is done, of course, in English.

So how can Yeda Plus help?

Our Application Coaching team consists of native English speakers—graduates of leading universities in the US and Canada. We have gone through the application process ourselves, we are intimately familiar with the requirements of the different schools, and we know how to help you create an application that showcases your qualities in the best possible way.
What’s our method? At Yeda Plus, we hold a “brainstorming” meeting to get to know you, your goals and dreams, and why you want to pursue the degree you are applying for. In the process, you’ll learn a lot about yourself, and we’ll identify the “branding characteristics” you can best use to market yourself to the admissions committee.
From there, we help you develop your personal statement (the essay) in accordance with the requirements of each university on your list. The personal statement is your opportunity to explain how your life path has prepared you for what you want to study, why you are excited to study at this particular school, and how you can contribute to campus life—and of course, we will help you make sure that the story you tell appears in clear and correct English.

What’s next?

The resume. Resumes look and sound different in the US and in Israel, and our team at Yeda Plus knows what you need to include and what should be left out. We’ll help you highlight your main achievements and frame your employment and educational history in a way that supports the direction you want to follow.

Next step: letters of recommendation. Even before your letters are written, the first step is to choose who your recommenders should be. You may have worked for a high-profile employer who didn’t know you on a personal level. Maybe you got good grades in a certain subject but another teacher knows about your volunteering efforts during high school.

Who should you ask?

Our team can help you decide who is best poised to write you effective letters of recommendation, to illustrate your achievements and to give a clear sense of who you are as a person, as a student, and as a professional.

At Yeda Plus we guide you through every step of the submission process. Confused by the Common App? Not sure whether to take IELTS, TOEFL or Duolingo?
Wondering whether to submit SAT test results if a school is “test-optional?” Not sure which is better—applying for the Early Decision deadline or waiting for the Regular Decision date? Have you suddenly realized that you need to provide transcripts in English? Do you want to write a letter to a professor but aren’t sure what tone to use? Each of our candidates is personally assigned an application coach so that you always have someone to ask about questions that arise along the way.

Our Application Coaching services allow you to put your best foot forward when applying to the schools you have dreamed of attending. This is your first step on the way to fascinating studies, new experiences and a satisfying career! Contact us today to start the process – we at Yeda Plus are excited to work with you, get to know you and accompany you on your journey!