How to prepare for GMAT

The GMAT exam is an inseparable part of a business school application.
It is held for many years and is accepted in 2300 colleges and 7000 courses.
The test is divided into segments
, the approach to each one will be distinct.
Here you will find the guide to the exams preparation process, so you’ll have everything you need to get the best results and eventually get into the school of your dreams! 

The article refers to the new and updated version of the test – GMAT Focus.

Preparation tips

Have a study plan

  • A well-built study schedule can be beneficial in many different aspects: first, it increases productivity.
    You’ll know exactly when and which subject to focus on
    Second, you’ll review the basic material and while training learn to excel in question solving in the different topics.
    Third, you’ll know the test format
    The study plan will help you organize your materials, goals, and resources.  

The Yeda Plus GMAT preparation course is sectioned in a way that maximizes the time of attention given to each section yet minimizes the overall time of the course so you can be ready as fast as possible.
An already made study plan decreases stress since all you need to do is show up to class.

Familiarize yourself with the test format

As written before, knowing the test format is essential for succeeding.
The GMAT Focus is about 2 hours and 15 minutes long.
It is divided to three sections
: quantitative, verbal, and data insights skills.
You will need to know the types of questions in each section so that you’ll tackle them correctly, each section also has sub sections.
Remember the time you have for each section (to time your sessions so you give yourself the same time as given in the test) and the number of questions to answer (you can prioritize questions because not all carry the same weight) so you’ll divide your time between them to answer as many as possible. 

Start studying

You will need to review the level of your basics for each section- Math and verbal skills.
Start solving questions and see where you feel comfortable and where you need help.
Try to combine the question solving strategies

In the Yeda Plus GMAT preparation course you will receive access to official GMAT
previous mock tests and questions.

Practice exams

You should take practice exams throughout the course of the preparation.
In the beginning you will identify knowledge gaps.
Answering certain questions will be an easy task, however some might seem like an impossible task.
After understanding what subjects you need to work on, and which ones you can dedicate less time for, a strategic study plan can be formed.
In addition, by comparing the practice exams you’ve done you’ll be able to track your progress.
Going into the real exam, time management will be better, and confidence will be increased.

In the Yeda Plus GMAT Preparation course the teachers will give constructive feedback after reviewing the practice exams.
You’ll know exactly what you did correctly or where to improve.

Know the problem-solving strategies

In the GMAT exam there are different types of questions.
Each one has a strategy you should use while solving it.
Knowing the strategies will get you thinking in a methodical and critical way.
In addition, it will help you not only carry out the question but also verify the answer.
Mistakes will be minimized,
and maximum questions will be answered.

In the Yeda Plus GMAT Preparation course the teachers coach you through the different sections of the exam while putting emphasis on perfecting time management and developing problem solving skills. 

Set your Goal

Target the schools you want to apply for and check their requirements.
Then, set your score goal that will motivate you through the preparation.

In conclusion

Studying for the GMAT may seem like a daunting journey, but actually, with the right framework and help you will eventually achieve your set goal and get into your chosen business school program.
Make sure that while you prepare the mindset is positive, it will help you rise to the challenge and enjoy the process.

Experienced instructors can provide personalized guidance, helping you focus on your weak points and refine your test-taking strategies.