FAQs about the GMAT

When Israel reported scores of GMAT tests?

The unofficial scores will get right away! After connecting score given, sent scores (two weeks) to you and four official academic institutions you’ve chosen.

Where can I take the exam’s free practice GMAT?

You can access a free practice test for GMAT offices of Idaflus Tel Aviv, or download the free on-site tests www.mba.com.

What is the cost of the test?

The cost of the test accompanied them amounts to $ 250. No matter how many pieces made in the exam.

How many times can take the test?

Israel exam is held twice a week. No need to sign up for many months in advance, if the candidate wants to study in Israel can take the test however he liked. But if the candidate wants to be the most prestigious institutions world-taking the test more than once or twice may harm the chances of acceptance. Therefore, we encourage you to best prepare for this exam in order to save time and substantial price. In GMAT not compromise on quality!

What Examination consists of and what score I need to be?

The exam includes parts verbal, quantitative and connection. Applicants who wish to be the world’s most prestigious institutions should receive 700 or more test. Applicants who want to study in the country will have to get under the requirements of the universities. Country universities require only the quantitative score some (other institutions including international title is held in English or the Haifa University are claiming all the exam). Candidates who wish Lhtrkbl Tel Aviv University’s 46-48 score at the required quantity, Bar Ilan University requires a minimum of 44 quantitative section, Hebrew University of Jerusalem makes an agreement whereby BA + average GMAT score some quantity should be> 130, Haifa University requires a minimum of 550 exam (and wishes to make the literal and the quantity).

Is Idaflus center allows to pay for preparatory courses for GMAT deposit funds?

Yes, you can pay for the courses teach Bidaflus through the Deposit of military service or national service. For details, please call us 1700-709-907.

Do you give private lessons to GMAT preparation?

Yes, you can arrange private lessons with our teachers in the Tel-Aviv and Haifa area.

Where are the GMAT courses Idaflus Center?

Idaflus Preparation courses for GMAT held in Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Can I learn Bidaflus only the math portion of the GMAT, without the literal and the connection? Can it be done?

Yes, you can prepare for Bidaflus only one part of the GMAT – both courses are held in Tel Aviv and those that take place in Haifa.

Where can I get information about the Lauder School of Business Administration (Lauder Business School) in Vienna, Austria?

Consultants Idaflus academic studies can answer your questions about the program this school year. Please call us

077-803-8533. Lauder School of Business Administration holds Master’s program for Jewish students. Israeli students can get a scholarship.