You’re finished with the tests but don’t know how to build a strong candidacy portfolio? The experts at the Yeda Plus Center will be happy to help you!
Did you know that even a highly impressive academic record and a resume that includes a variety of complementary study courses, do not guarantee that you will be accepted to the most prestigious universities?

Registration to colleges and universities abroad is a complex process, which possesses many challenges even for American applicants. When it comes to candidates coming from outside the United States, the registration process is even more difficult and complicated. Yeda Plus Center has the expertise, professional knowledge, and resources needed to help you turn the registration process into a positive experience that will yield results that will justify the investment.

What characterizes the admission process for studies abroad?

Examining your application portfolio by the universities and colleges abroad is a “holistic” process. Admissions committees evaluate your abilities, interests, personality, and leadership skills to know who you really are better. In order to present yourself in an impressive and clear way, a number of documents are available for you: Statement of Purpose/ Intent essays; Personal Statement / Biographical Statement essays; Letters of recommendation (2-3 letters according to university requirements); CV (usually required of candidates for a master’s degree and PhD only); And sometimes an example of 15-20-page academic writing (PhD only).

The Admissions Committee compares the relevant exam scores with your candidacy file in order to identify, first of all, points of inconsistency and / or inconsistency (for example, if the verbal score on the exam does not match the abilities the candidate demonstrates in essays). The admissions committee then reads the documents carefully and assesses how much you can contribute to their institution. Universities are looking for certain traits: leadership skills, intellectual depth; Exposure to international populations; And social commitment.

Who are we?

With over 20 years of experience in advising candidates for all degrees, we are familiar with the admissions process. In addition to exam preparation, our writing team comes from diverse backgrounds, all are native English speakers and have a proven background in English writing (all consultants go through a meticulous screening process). We will assign you to the ideal consultant for you depending on the degree you are looking for. Regardless of the stage you are in the process of choosing the academic institution and the amount of information you have – the Yeda Plus Center will help you!

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 MBA consulting

Our MBA Consulting Partners:

We work in partnership with Fulbright Education USA Center – the official representative office of the US Government Embassy – to provide you with the whole guidance of enrollment. For more information, you can contact Ms. Ahuva Bernfeld from the Fulbright Foundation at 03-5172131.

We also work with a number of institutions in Israel who acknowledge our academic excellence during recent years and have chosen to collaborate with us exclusively: the American International School in Even Yehuda; the Jewish Agency; The Interdisciplinary Institute in Herzliya. We give special discounts to graduates of these institutions.